Scaling a new brand to over 10,000 Instagram followers in 8 months.

Mister Sizzle’s came to us with a strong brand story. We curated a social and paid media strategy to make sure the right audience knew about them, fast.

Platform Focus:

ID Solutions.

  • Social Media

  • Paid Media

  • Content Creation

  • Analytics & Insights

Big Audience Growth for One of Buffalo’s Hottest Hospitality Brands.

Before creating any content or ads, we performed an in-depth discovery of the Mister Sizzle’s brand. We identified the brand’s key personas and set goals for our audience growth. From there, our team collaborated with the client to create engaging and aesthetically-pleasing content for each social media platform. Once we knew our creative and messaging was aligned with the target audience, we went to work:

  • 20-30 posts per mo. across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Weekly paid ad campaigns
  • Daily community engagement
  • Deep monthly analytics and insights to review content performance


Net Follower Growth


Total Impressions


Total Engagements

Real. Measurable. Growth.

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