Profitable eCommerce Growth for an Industry-Leading Nutrition Brand.


Avg. ROAS (Facebook)


Avg. ROAS (Google)


Purchase Conversion Value (2021)

Over the course of 3 years, Interlace helped 95 Nutrition scale their eCommerce revenue from $600k/yr to over $850k/yr. In the same time span, 95 Nutrition expanded their retail business from 7 to 11 locations (& counting), while also entering a 2nd market. Interlace helped identify strategies within Google and Meta ads to scale customer acquisition. We also tested TikTok ads to continue building brand awareness.

The Challenge

95 Nutrition was having great success with their retail business but struggled with their digital strategy. Their existing ads were getting past 2X ROAS on Facebook and there were no plans for paid search campaigns. This led to unpredictable eCommerce growth and lack of confidence in the effectiveness of their paid ads.

2.5 ROAS Meta Ads


No ROAS Google Ads


$600k/yr eComm Revenue


Our Solution

Interlace immediately audited the existing paid media campaigns to find trends in the data that would help influence a fresh digital strategy. Within 6 months, Interlace was able to grow 95 Nutrition’s Facebook ROAS to an avg. of 5.4. We also introduced Google ads which proved to be more profitable at 8.4 ROAS.

5.4 ROAS Meta Ads


8.4 ROAS Google Ads


$850k/yr eComm Revenue


Services Provided

  • Paid Media Management

  • Content Creation

  • Analytics & Insights

Platforms Utilized