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By far the most important thing to address when structuring your marketing team operations is organization. With most marketing teams, there are numerous clients & projects being worked on at the same time, so it can become extremely easy for assets and emails to fall through the cracks. The following recommendations have been implemented within our team for well over a year, and they have made a significant positive impact on our team’s workflow!

Let’s first discuss organizational folder structure.

Whether your team is using a dedicated in-house server or a cloud-based server like Google Drive, there are some simple organizational practices that your marketing team should follow. An easy way to help make sure that assets and files do not get lost is by setting up your folder structure in the following fashion:

  • Client

    • Year

      • Month

        • Project Name

Not only will this help the team stay organized while working on the current project but it will also allow team members to access projects in the future without having to dig through files and folders.

Now let's talk about cleaning up your inbox.

When it comes down to communication you’ll notice that we follow the same structure to how we set up our folders for projects to how we set up the subject lines on our emails. A nice tip/trick to make sure that proper communication is being addressed to clients vs the marketing team is having dual email chains but with different subject lines. For example, if we were working on XYZ clients Super Fun project in January of 2022 this is how we would set up our communication for both internal and external.

[Interlace Digital] XYZ – 2022 – January – Super Fun Project

[TO CLIENT] XYZ – 2022 – January – Super Fun Project

This allows the marketing team to see all communication with the client but also makes sure the marketing team is not communicating unnecessary information to the client. Additionally, this helps with keeping track between the project and folders where all your assets are being kept. 

These are just a few of the ways that our team operates to make sure our projects are organized and proper information is communicated to the appropriate team members.