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Are you ready to crush the 2nd half of 2022?

Here are a few ideas that you can address with your marketing team to bolster performance in Q3 and Q4.

How are we already in Q3 of 2022?! For many brands, this is prime time to assess strategy and execution going into the second half of the year. In our experience, now is the best time to start planning for end-of-year campaigns. 

The work you put in during Q3 will greatly affect the results you achieve in Q4. Here are a few aspects of your marketing strategy that you should be thinking about:

  • Same Ole’ Content Strategy – Now is the time to create and produce that new content that you’ve been thinking about. Use Q3 to prepare and test new campaigns. This may include new video content, collaborative content with partners, or user-generated content. B2B can (and should) do this too, not just consumer brands.
  • Adventure onto new platforms – TikTok, Reels, YouTube, Google Performance Max…the list goes on. Whether it is organic content or paid ads, make sure you are testing different platforms or campaign types for your brand. There is a ton of opportunity to grow with your multi-channel strategy. Don’t be scared to try something new. 6 months from now you’ll be glad you got started.
  • Audit your paid media mix – Where are you spending and why? When is the last time you did an audit of your current ad strategy? Take a deep look into your YTD ad campaign performance and find opportunities to spend smarter. Finding wasted ad spend on specific placements or campaigns that simply aren’t converting is a great place to start. Move that money into channels that are proven to perform or test an objective you have not explored yet.
  • Campaign-specific landing pages – Landing pages are a great way to launch fast, learn, and gain conversions. These can be designed directly through your existing CMS or you can leverage a tool like Unbounce. You can publish stunning, mobile-optimized pages that offer a strong user-experience without having to overhaul your website. Integrate your CRM for even better data and attribution that your internal marketing and sales teams can leverage. 

If you want to chat about any of the topics listed above or simply have an idea that you’d like to chat about, let us know! The ID team is always here to help brainstorm the next smart move to improve your content and campaign performance. 

Let’s crush EOY, together. Grab a 15 min meeting time on our calendar.