Scalable Lead Generation and Software Sign-ups for FinTech SaaS


Decrease in CPA


Scaled Ad Spend


New Leads

We scaled this clients’ monthly ad spend from $15k/mo to $60k/mo and is successfully adding 150+ new customers per month. Although their campaigns started across Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, it was clear within the first several weeks that Google Search was their most winning platform.

The Challenge

This finteceh product was a new to market software released to help business owners receive a valuation of their company. With a goal of new user acquisition, their previous agency partners were not able to create profitable ad campaigns and scale ad spend based on performance.

16,583 Website Visits


199 New Leads


$35,941 Managed Ad Spend


Our Solution

This client leveraged our services to vastly improve the effectiveness of their paid media campaigns across search and social. Within 3 weeks of taking over the management of their ads, we reduced lead cost by 30% and helped them scale to adding over 100 new customers per month.

51,481 Website Sessions


1,555 New Leads


$190,566 Managed Ad Spend


Services Provided

  • Paid Media Management

Platforms Utilized