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A/B Testing 

Test test test. Utilize the A/B Test Tool on Facebook. A lot of times we assume we know our target audience or what types of ad creatives will perform best. But the truth is, we don’t. Continue to optimize your content and use resources in the most efficient way possible. There’s never too much testing involved. At the end of the day, we want to choose the campaign with the best results. Take time to do your A/B tests to determine what resonates with your audience. Below are some A/B strategies you can implement during your next test…  

  • Choose ONE variable to test. Don’t make it too confusing for yourself. 
  • Did you know you can test more than 2 audiences/creatives/copy using the Facebook A/B Test tool? Try it out! If you’re testing audiences, be sure to have an adequate audience size and a large enough budget. If you don’t have these, your results may be inconclusive.
  • You may also want to test different creatives (static/carousel/animation). ***Tip: Our agency found different creatives work more effectively for different campaign objectives. So if you find carousels work best for conversion campaigns – don’t assume they will also perform best for traffic campaigns.

Introduce a New Channel (if you have the budget to do so!) 

  • Think about how many social media platforms you use on a daily basis? Now, think about how many platforms you’ve seen a brand on? I’m guessing most of you said “a lot”. 
  • As we’ve all learned, an omnichannel approach is key! Introduce a new channel to help hit all of your marketing touchpoints. You may not see “conversions” on one of your channels, but all of these channels contribute to overall brand awareness & recognition. Get people to remember YOUR brand. 

Analytics: Every member of the marketing team should be involved!

  • The Analytics Specialist may specialize in looking at overall performance insights and tracking key performance indicators… But, if you want to improve your overall marketing strategy – include EVERYONE. 
  • Other departments also have ideas to contribute that are relevant and will make an impact on your marketing approach. 
    • What creatives received the most engagement? The content team may be able to speak to the types of content (informative, memes, product shots, etc.) that performed the highest. 
    • At the end of the day, everyone has something to contribute. Include your whole team in these discussions and I guarantee you’ll see positive improvements in the months to come!