Improving Ad Profitability at Scale for a B2C Food & Beverage Brand


Avg. ROAS (Meta)


Avg. ROAS (Google)


eCommerce Revenue (90 Days)

This client has achieved an avg. ROAS of over 6x and a marketing efficiency ration (MER) of 16. This resulted in their best ever BFCM in 2022 and profitably scaling ad spend to $20k/mo in Q1 of 2023. Our improvement across paid ads helped erase the YoY deficit in eCommerce revenue. Two major factors of our success were Google Shopping Ads and establishing Meta Ads as a stable channel for customer acquisition.

The Challenge

This client is a trusted provider of equipment and ingredients for DIY cooks and home chefs that make their own meats, seasonings, and other culinary creations. Their eCommerce revenue was trending down 30% YoY and they needed a stable solution to get their online sales back on track

0 ROAS Meta Ads


3.8 ROAS Google Ads


$188k/mo eComm Revenue


Our Solution

We developed a multi-channel paid media plan to prioritize Google and Meta ads for customer acquisition. We helped this client launch new BFCM campaigns, resolve issues in Google Merchant Center, and identify new ad tactics to highlight their top selling products.

6.7 ROAS Meta Ads


6.6 ROAS Google Ads


$275k/mo eComm Revenue


Services Provided

  • Paid Media Management

  • Content Creation

Platforms Utilized